6 Essential Things To Consider Before Buying A New Home

Buying a house is a big decision, with a lot of different factors to consider. If you're looking to buy a home, make sure you've reviewed these ...

1. Noise Level

As everyone is working from home and spending more time there, noise level is becoming more and more important. Without squatting in a property before you purchase it, it can be difficult to tell what sounds and noises you might face but there are some obvious ones that we sometimes overlook. Does the property neighbor a school, are you ok listening to the sound of children playing on that 12 o clock conference call? Similarly is the condo overlooking the pool? Does the house sit on a main road? What are you comfortable with? At my home Mustangs are the culprit! A black mustang pulls out every morning and sounds like it is going to outer space, but the reality is it’s simply accelerating to 30 mph! I can’t complain, I’ve had loud pipes on previous motorbikes too!

If there’s a home on your radar, consider driving around the neighborhood and nearby streets to see what’s around. Is the home near railroad tracks? A busy highway or road? Backed up to a school? In close proximity to an airport?While none of these are necessarily a deal-breaker, take your time to access the kind of noise you’ll have at different points of the day/season.

2. Added Expenses 

When considering expenses, take a good look to see how much you plan to change on the home you’re looking at! I always recommend clients budget for upgrades and also unforeseen problems. It’s a good idea to be aware that things can go wrong and be prepared for the unexpected (meaning don’t purchase a home that will be too strenuous on your budget). The unseen costs add up over time like exterior painting, roof replacement, pool refinishing, A/C replacement, landscaping, and flooring (cleaning & replacement). Most homeowners don’t save each month for these things and then when they are needed it becomes a huge expense. These are some of the things I advise my buyers about… especially first time homebuyers.

3. Schools and Neighbors 

Even if you don’t have children (or not yet), it’s still important to take things like the schools and neighborhoods into consideration. What the ratio of kids in your neighborhood? Have you had a chance to meet any of your possible-new-neighbors while walking through the home?

Often when I am showing a home to potential buyers I will bump into the neighbors, I always engage them as you get great insight into the neighborhood for the future home owners.

4. Layout

Think about what you do and what you need around you on a day-to-day basis. Everyone likes a different layout and for different reasons.

If a home has the right bones the possibilities are endless as long as you budget for it like I mentioned above! Make a list of what is important to you and workout how to make the home function for your family. We learned a lot about our homes in 2020. Mostly, what it’s like to be inside them for months and months… and months. So, it’s no surprise that the trending house plan features for 2021 are motivated by our desire for more workspace, more kitchen space, and a better connection to the outdoors. Kitchens that are practical, multi generational living, accessory dwelling units, whats important to you?

5. Location

California climate is 72 degrees and sunny! Who checks the weather here! Every climate has its quirks, in Big Bear temperatures get very cold, it’s important to work with a general contractor who is familiar with the area and plans for the climate change throughout the year. Homes in climates affected by large variations in temperature and humidity, ice storms, or heavy snowfall are subject to more strain than homes unaffected by cold weather. Similarly, homeowners living in climates that experience high winds, heavy rains, and other extreme weather conditions should expect greater environmental attrition on their structure.

Research where you’ll be living and what some of the home maintenance will be. Part of owning your own home means taking care of it and you want to be prepared… especially when you find your dream home!

6. The Paperwork

Sometimes the paperwork surrounding the home buying process can seem daunting and overwhelming, but if you’re wanting to purchase a home, you’re adulting… so it’s time to grab a coffee and get ready for all that “stuff.”

Going into a new home with a solid homeowner’s insurance policy with warranties isn’t something you want to take lightly.I never allow clients to purchase a home without an upgraded homeowner’s warranty paid for by the seller. If the water heater blows, it is covered and I provide the paperwork to you with all the information to store in a safe place when you are buying the property as your agent I make sure you’ve got good coverage going into it!


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