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Halloween Events In Orange County 2021

Life is returning to some degree of normalcy as Halloween events are back in Orange County! If you love ghostly tales, frightful flicks, thrill / chill rides and seasonal scares you can find plenty of fearsomely well-produced attractions, ghost walks and ensorcelled exhibits across Orange County this time of year. Here is a list of what Southern California is offering in 2021 – do double check times, prices, parking and safety guidelines before you go.

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Looking To Escape Southern California? These Unique Hotels Will Make You Feel Like You Are A World Away From Home

One thing is for certain, there’s no shortage of cool hotels in the state of California. Whether you are heading to the beach, to the mountains or to the desert – the north or the south – there is undoubtably a bunch of unique hotels to stay in. Today, I’m rounding up some of the most special hotels in California! Some of them I’ve had the pleasure of visiting and others are at the very top of my list!

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Best Day Spas In Orange County

We all need to destress and calm our mind, whilst I enjoy taking to the courts as my therapeutic escape I don’t neglect the power of a trip to the day spa as a treat to catch up with life when needed. Check out this list of local day spas to relax, rebuild and regroup.

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5 Perfect Picnic Spots In Orange County

There are a lot of fun ways to eat, but few things triumph the simplicity of laying out a blanket and settling into nature with your favorite friends and a basket of food. A good picnic only requires three quality ingredients: good people, tasty food, and a solid location. If you’ve got this down, you can get as creative as you like.

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