Beauty Of The Bath

Our bathrooms are the place where the tone is set for a busy day ahead and a welcoming space we return to at the end of out day. Now, so much more than basic necessities, bathrooms are quickly becoming at-home retreats that beckon us with relaxation and restoration. Bathrooms are in the spotlight and we're loving it!

Gone are the days of being strictly utilitarian – this important space is leaving its humble origins in the dust. The latest unforgettable bathrooms are pushing the envelope on color, pattern, materials and finishes. Move over, white bathroom. Colorful unique and quirky design elements are coming your way.

Throughout 2022 you can expect to see a lot of eye catching wallpapers, paints, tile and light fixtures that make beautiful design statements all on their own. Take a look and start making your plans for your new or remodeled bathroom

The Drama Of Dark.

White will last forever, but move over. The darkest hue of them all, a broody black, remains popular from matte black fixtures and bathtubs to walls and floors. just like the little black dress, a dark-hues bathroom is ultra-chic and the moody palette pairs with any interior style.

Twin Showerheads

Waiting for your significant other to finish showering is a thing of he past. With bigger showers and twin shower-heads two people can refresh simultaneously – a practical, symmetric solution. Today’s options from rain and massage sprays to hand-held water wands all insure the perfect shower,

Wonderful Wet Rooms

This is an incredible waterproofed space that houses the bath, sink and shower. Think floor-to-ceiling tile and waterproof decor. There rooms are functional, accessible, easy to clean and great for maximizing floor space.

Indoor Outdoor Merger

Blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors is gaining design ground. By combining placement, materials and architecture, bathrooms feel on par with their surroundings incorporating natural materials indoors and more glass are gaining popularity.

Bigger And Bolder Tile

Large-format tiles offer a striging apperance that’s guarenteed to turn heads when they enter. Their considerable size provides a spacious feel thanks to minimal grout lines. The bigger space illusion becomes more prounounced when using the same color grouting.

The Vertical Illusion

Vertical tiles are making “tall” statements in today’s bathrooms . With its great technique of “tricking” the eye upward, this application gives the room a more spacious and impressive appearance,


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