Coming To The Surface – Choosing The Right Kitchen Countertop

Could it be that the perfect countertop surface has come to be? Of course we're talking about quartz as it remains, once again, year after year, the number one choice for countertops. Today's technology has allowed quartz to replicate any natural stone or any color or pattern you could possibly desire. Add to that; It's hygienic stain resistant, extremely strong and durable. Did we mention that it's low maintenance and doesn't need re-sealing - it's got it all!

Marble, butcher block, concrete and soapstone continue to be options for the chefs who prefer these surfaces for the attributes that are harder to duplicate: ideal chopping surface, a cooler temperature for pastry dough, or naturally aging beauty. These surfaces will always be on the list for various reasons and their beauty is undeniable.

Finish choices also play a big role in the look and maintenance of a countertop, mainly: polished, honed or leathered. Textured and tactile surfaces are still all the rage and countertops play into this nicely. Honed and leather surfaces have become the number one option and can be applied to many different materials such as granite, marble and quartz.

A honed finish is a matte finish with little to no shine. The overall look will vary depending on the stone type but, it should have a low sheen and a smooth surface.

A leathered finish has a soft sheen that is less glossy from polished slab and to the touch has a different feel. The leather finish retains the stone’s natural color which can give it a more sophisticated look than honed. It also camouflages water spots and fingerprints nicely.

Choosing a countertop made from sustainable materials is always a great choice. It’s a feel-good choice that reduces your carbon footprint and as of late its becoming easier to find options. Made up of a combination of recycled glass and white cement, sustainable countertops are free of VOCs and plastic resins.

Concrete designs are continuing to meet the ongoing demand for a refined urban aesthetic. Instantly recognizable, even though texture, colors and patterns offer great variety – from a cloud like patina to multi-layer monochromatic colors, concrete is a statement-piece choice. And like quartz there is no need to reseal to avoid stains, cracking or fissures over time making it easier to keep clean and maintain.


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