Entertaining – Everyone Ends Up In The Kitchen.

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table. Tips and tricks for being the perfect hostess.

Whenever we entertain, one thing is certain everyone eventually ends up in the kitchen. What tips and tricks are there for entertaining and throwing the perfect party that will have your friends move you to the top of the text list for next week’s antics….

When you open your home to entertain you want to create a warm atmosphere, create an exciting experience where memories and moments with friends and families are made. Open-plan layout and homes with a nice indoor-outdoor flow lend themselves perfectly to effortless entertaining, allowing you to mingle with guests, while preparing food or drinks at the same time. Orange County has the perfect climate for year long dinner party soirees with friends and families.

Find out what your guests like before they arrive, whether it’s their favorite flower, drink or music to make sure it’s there to be part of the experience. Celebrate your local community by sourcing wine from California, flowers from the local farmers market in Irvine or even remake recipes from your favorite local bars – Water Grill in Costa Mesa springs to mind.

Lighting is everything, lighting tells all. No one wants an overly bright room when you have guests over. I love unscented candles to set the mood, or make sure your lights are appropriately dimmed for the occasion.

Lastly, opt for cloth napkins rather than paper napkins or paper towels. Invest in some white linen napkins and roll them up. That little extra element adds a really special touch.

Gathering with friends, family and neighbors in our home is one of those things that makes your heart sing. Inviting others into your home (no perfection or insane hosting skills needed!) is the heartbeat of life and of community. No matter how big or small your space is, no matter how elaborate or simple you keep it, no matter how well you know how to cook or not, I believe it is important to invite others into our homes and our lives.

Other tips for entertaining are always have a stocked bar cart on hand! Plenty of lemons and limes for cocktails and to enhance your water! Keep the fridge stocked with a fun assortment of fun cheese, charcuterie, crackers, nuts, chocolate and dried fruit for a delicious and easy cheese board. The only other things you need are fresh flowers or greenery, background music, red and white wine and candles. Voila the evening will be a hit!


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